Line Design Backpack (Multipurpose)

Multipurpose + Vegan Hemp Backpack – Hemp Bags. Beautiful, Stylish, and Designed Hemp Backpack made with Natural Woven Organic Hemp Fabric.

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Multipurpose + Vegan Hemp Backpack – Hemp Bags

Multipurpose, Vegan, and Stylish Hemp Backpack. This Hemp Bag looks classic and the design is also really good. It is made with all Natural Hand Woven Organic Hemp Fabric. If you like to carry bags made with natural and organic hemp fibers then this one is for you. You will love this product. The quality, design, and finish of this hemp bag are perfect. This Hemp Bag is made in Nepal with organic hemp fibers.

Specifications of Multipurpose + Vegan Hemp Backpack – Hemp Bags


âś…Eco Friendly

âś…Long Lasting

âś…Beautiful Designed

âś…Natural and Organic Hemp Fibers

âś…Multipurpose Hemp Backpack

âś…Unisex Bag (Suitable for Male and Female both)

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100% Hemp





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